Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Updates

Happy Monday, Friends! And it is a lovely morning here on our hill. The sky is clear, the birds are chirping and the blanket of frost is slowly giving way to the sun's warmth. I don't know about you, but I was very grateful for that extra hour this weekend. I needed the sleep Sunday morning after trekking through the woods with Teddy Bear Saturday morning. Neither of the boys bagged a deer, but they both had chances to take a shot, and actually T.B. did get off a shot. It all happened so quickly, and my DH and I are extremely proud of how calm and collected he was as we watched about 5-6 deer hurdle towards us! Wheels would have been able to shoot but for a communication breakdown between him and Daddy. We're proud of him as well, because he was a good sport about it. They are both looking forward to next weekend, as are DH and I!

As far as home keeping, this weekend it was practically non-existent! I did about the bare minimum, as I was in a lot of pain most of the weekend. I did get the cookies for lunches made, as well as breakfast cookies, and my DH helped out in picking up the kitchen. Mostly I worked on planning and getting my leg/back straightened out.

I'm still working on this week's and next's dinner menu plan because I haven't had a chance to do a freezer inventory. As soon as I have it done, I'll be posting it. I do have a confession to make though: tonight I'm cheating as my DH said to go get KFC for dinner tonight! Who am I to argue with my hubby? ;0)

As I mentioned earlier, I was able to get some planning done, mostly in my Holiday Planner. As soon as I get all of my new pages in, I'll be posting more on that. I've decided to do a Thankful Wreath instead of a tree this year. I'm hoping to get some of the work done so that we can get it started this evening. I'm also going to be making a Thanksgiving lap book for the kiddos. I know that lap books are usually made by the children, but with them in school, they don't have a lot of time. I'm going to be including some games in it, as well as some sheets that they can all do and keep in the lap book. I'll be posting some of the links that I use for that, as well as pics of the finished product soon.

In holiday news, I've also decided on adding a Jesse Tree to our Advent traditions. If your not sure about what a Jesse Tree is, go here for a great explanation.  I'm thinking of making a sort of lap book Jesse Tree to help further the kid's understanding (And mine!) I'll be posting more links on this as we get closer to December.

That's about all for now! I'm not scheduled to work so far this week, so I'm planning on getting some housework and yard work done. I need to finish buttoning up the garden for the winter, and I'd like to get some Christmas lights up before I have to do it in the snow and freezing temps. They won't be turned on until after Thanksgiving, but they'll be ready to go! The kiddos have Friday of, so I'm thinking of doing some Thanksgiving crafts with them.

Have a lovely day, all!

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