Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Update

Friday greetings, Friends! Just a short update to let you all know what has been happening up on our hill, and some things to be looking for in upcoming posts!

  • Youth hunting weekend starts tomorrow, so Daddy and I will be up bright and early to take the boys out. Prayers for a successful hunt would be greatly appreciated!
  • I've been working since Weds. so I'm a little behind on house work, but so glad that I had my dinners planned out. I'm looking to next week's plan and will be posting that as soon as I come up with it!
  • I finally got my printer unhooked from my piece of junk very old desk top computer so that the cord is accessible for my laptop.
  • Yesterday I subbed for the receptionist, so I was able to bring in my laptop to work on my Holiday Planner sheets. I'm hoping to share these in PDF format, though I'm not very tech savvy, it's questionable!
  • We have some chicken drama and trauma. Our poor hen, Fanny, is being very badly abused by her coop mates. There is something about her that the roosters can't resist, so her back is nearly completely bald. Despite repeated sprayings of Blue Kote, she is being terrorized by the other ladies. She stays in the coop for the majority of the time, but is skittish. I just don't know what to do to help her out. Any suggestions?
  • We gave away 3 of our 4 roosters about 2 weeks ago. They are currently residing in my mother-in-law's cousin's garden to fatten up for the butcher block. They have quite a setup there, and I'm curious as to whether or not they all make it to the dinner table.
  • I've been able to do some research on Thanksgiving traditions, Advent traditions and the Jesse Tree. This is only our third year of celebrating Advent, and would like to add the Jesse Tree to our tradition. The children really enjoy the Advent wreath, and it has truly enriched our holiday season.
Well, that's all for now! I hope to have a post tomorrow, though I can't guarantee it, what with hunting and baking! Have a lovely Friday!

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