Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A flock of geese headed south for the colder months.
Happy November !!!!!!! As you may have read before, autumn is my FAVORITE season, but November has to be my favorite month. That love has grown as I became an adult and homeowner. There is no more lawn mowing, weeding, bugs, or gardening to do. Some lawn work to get things hunkered down for winter, but in the crisp, clear air, you can't seem to mind being out and working. You're not sweating or swatting. And Thanksgiving has always been be favorite holiday. Family, food, history and faith all rolled into one beautiful, scrumptious package!

I mentioned in Saturday's post that I had to re-do my dinner menu plan for Thursday, so here is this week's revised menu plan:

MONDAY: Sloppy Joe's and green beans
TUESDAY: Leftovers (mac & cheese, sloppy joe meat filling, chicken)
WEDNESDAY: Breakfast for Dinner- scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, applesauce
THURSDAY: Individual homemade pizzas, salad, fruit
FRIDAY: Spaghetti, salad, peas, apple sauce
SATURDAY: Pot roast with potatoes & carrots in the crock pot, applesauce, canned mandarin oranges
SUNDAY: Left overs

I'm trying to keep Saturdays as a crock pot day, as I'm on my feet so much with baking, and we have hunting season now, too. Sunday's will start being a designated left-overs day, as I try to keep Sundays easy because of the Sabbath, and I truly need a restful day. I don't like to be legalistic about Sundays, but I like to relish the blessing and gift that it is meant to be, so very little (if any) house work, though I have been known to mow the lawn (riding mower) or putter in the garden.

And now for something I have been working on. I've had the holiday countdowns on my blog page for quite a while now, and as I explained, it's because I like to plan when it comes to the holiday season. So, I am introducing:

Counting today, we have 4 Wednesdays until Thanksgiving, and 7 until Christmas. So, instead of getting frantic about the holidays, lets use this time to plan, plan, plan!!!!!!!! It's been a while since I've posted about planning or planners, but if you've been a long time reader, you know how much I like to plan for the holidays. Last year I put together a Holiday Planner (Read here for an intro. to last year's planner) and found it to be VERY helpful. It organized all of my calendars, planning pages, flyers from school and church, as well as research that I have done on different traditions all in one place. I'll be updating this year's planner, and posting on it as soon as I'm done. I got most of my inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, By Sun and Candlelight. You can also check out Organized Home for more information and inspiration, as well as free printable pages you can use to make your own planner.

So this week's challenge is this:
  • Brainstorm!!!!! Think about your usual holiday traditions, what to keep, what to try.
  • Start a planner- it doesn't have to be fancy, even if it is just some notebook paper stapled together, keep your brainstorming and info together.
  • Are you putting on the Thanksgiving feast? Traveling? Get dates set.
  • Looking for crafts to do with the kids or a new recipe to try? Or wonder about why we do some of the things we do? Hop online or get to the library to do some research.
Every Wednesday will be something new to do, and I'll be posting what I'm up to. I have NO IDEA how to link up with other bloggers (If you think you can walk me through it or point me in the right direction, I'd be so grateful!) but you can share by leaving a comment, emailing me at or posting on my facebook page.

Have a lovely evening, friends!

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