Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 2010 Holiday Planner Part 1

 Hey everyone! Well, here it is, my Holiday Planner (well, just the front cover in this pic!) Before I get into it too much, I have 2 warnings. This is a long post and I am by no means trying to rush the holidays. I just want to get my groundwork laid out as soon as possible so that when the holidays do roll around, I'll be able to enjoy them and all of the events that go along with them.

To start, I used a standard sized 1 inch binder that I had lying around, unused and begging to serve! You can use a smaller or larger binder or even a spiral bound notebook. Look is not so much important as function here. I have oodles of Christmas themed printer paper from many moons ago when I was a Tupperware consultant. So I used that to print most of my sheets on. I also used clear plastic sheet protectors for my dividers. I have 6 sections in my planner, but am thinking of adding a 7th.

For sections I have Calendars and Planners where I have, you guessed it, calendars! Actually, they are more like focused to do lists. I have weekly and daily to do lists pertaining only to the holidays.
I also have a big to do list that needs to get broken down and placed on the weekly and daily lists, but sometimes if I don't get things down on paper I'll forget!

Above is the Weekly to Do List and next door here, is a picture of my Holiday To Do Today sheet. I made these sheets up on my own just using Microsoft works. (My computer is old!)  
 Next is the Master To Do List that needs to get broken down. I also have a mater calendar I made using the spreadsheet application. It has all the weeks running from Oct. 10 to Jan. 1, all on one sheet. I'm using ONLY for holidays and events and scheduling holiday tasks, like a full day of baking or decorating. No doctor appointments, etc. on this calendar!
 Next is a small section for Halloween. I'm going to put costume notes for the kids here, as well as recipes and some fun activities for the the kids. (coloring sheets, craft instructions, etc.)
 For Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!!!) I have a planner sheet (see picture below) that has a small calendar for that week. It's a busy week for my family, as this year my oldest sons birthday is the Sunday before, we have separate dinners for my and my husbands side of the family and then the Saturday after we head up to my aunts to be wit my moms side! Add in the hunting season and it's BUSY! So this is where I'll put the menu for the meal I do, recipes and lists of what I am making for others meals.

Well, I'm running out of time for today, so I'm going to finish up the holiday planner in the next posting. Please don't panic about the holidays. No one is Martha Stewart (don't forget, she has a whole staff at her disposal!) nor should we try to be. With some planning, I think we can enjoy the holidays and make time for the special traditions the seasons bring. What good is a perfect turkey and beautifully wrapped gifts if you've alienated your family?

Take some time to pray and think about your holidays and what is important to you and your family this year. And thank the Lord for these things!


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