Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kitten Is As Kitten Does!

Well, it has been way too much fun around here with our new kittens, Oreo and Miller. They are a lively, cute pair that make us all sop for countless time a day to just watch and say "Awwwwwwww!". We did have a bit of a scare Wednesday night with Oreo, though. The kids had noticed a spot along her jaw line/neck where the fur was a bit matted. I figured she just had some wet food or milk there, so I took and cleaned the spot up....and noticed a hole. A rather large hole considering she's such a little girl. And it looked as though there was something wiggling in there. EWWwwwww! The kids were immediately distraught, but Daddy and I assured them that she would be fine and I would call the vet in the morning. Fast forward to 3p.m. on Thursday, little Oreo and I were at the vet's office, (where her age was determined to be about 8 weeks old and she weighed all of 1.25 pounds!) and the doc confirmed that, indeed,there was a larva in the hole. So they had to do a little cut to get the nasty thing out. I think everyone in the office was a bit psyched to see this as the vet told me they don't get many of these and it's kinda cool. Well, whatever floats your boat, Doc, just get that thing outta my little kitten! She is doing very well now and doesn't seem one bit fazed by the little staple they had to use to close up the incision.

And now for some gratuitous kitten cuteness. (Please avert your eyes if you don't want to make little "Oooh! and Awww!" noises.)

Miller, napping solo.

Oreo, napping meditating. Probably a Scripture on birds....

Napping as a duo on Wheels' lap.

Napping, again. It's hard to get pics of them playing, they come out fuzzy. (The pics, not the kittens)

Miller helping Princess knit.

Still helping.

Keeping count of her stitches for her.
We still love you, Merlin. (He doesn't look convinced, does he?)

Have a lovely day, Friends!


  1. Oh, they are so sweet! We got an orphan kitten when it was two weeks old and bottle-fed it around the clock. Her name is Oreo too. She is the sweetest little kitten and we just love to sit and watch her play.

    1. Dear Mama Hen,
      Yes, we are very blessed with our kittens! I love hearing their little paws thumping on the floor as they tear off after each other!
      Thank you for dropping by and give your Oreo a belly rub for me!