Friday, August 3, 2012

Emergency Cash Stash Keychain

In my last post I mentioned that I was making key chains that would hold a stash of emergency cash. I'm thinking that these wold be great gifts. And they are quick and easy to make.

I used variegated yarn and did a simple stitch on the plastic canvas. I should have measured a bit better because this one was a smidgen too small!

Stitch around 3 sides, leaving a side open to insert your cash. I would suggest that you use only one bill rather then a bunch of bills. You could also add phone numbers or other information on an index card that you trimmed down to fit.

When you reach the last corner you can add the zipper pull. I like to use these because I feel that key rings might eventually tear up the yarn. With the zipper pull, you can add a key ring to add it to your car keys, or use it as a zipper pull on your purse or kids can put them on their back packs.

Of course, you can get much fancier with these, making designs etc. with the yarn. My daughter was happy with this though and clipped it to her backpack when I was done taking pictures. And I was happy that that $20 bill didn't fit!

Seriously, though, I think this is a wonderful way to make sure you always have some cash with you i case f an emergency, whether you find your self stranded somewhere or you need to leave your home quickly to evacuate. For kids I would make sure that they understand that the money is for EMERGENCIES ONLY and that ice cream is NOT an emergency. I would also include phone numbers of adults that they know and trust. These are also something that you could clip onto your BOB or 72 hour bags.

That's all for now!
Many Blessings,


  1. what a great idea!
    So...I'm not clear do you stitch all the sides once the money and info is tucked inside? Because, I'd for sure spend the money if it wasn't 'entombed'...
    Kind of like 'In Emergency Break Glass'
    I agree...great gift idea. Especially for a college student or someone going on a trip!

    1. Hi Pat! So glad you dropped by again! Yes, you stitch all the sides up so that the money is "entombed". (Love that description!)If it wasn't, I'd probably be tempted to go through a drive through because of a dinner time "emergency"!
      Hope to see you here again and glad you like the idea.
      Many Blessings,