Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts from the Sewing Machine

Re-usable shopping bags.

Barbie or small stuffed animal sleeping bags, pillows and area rugs.

I used a decorative stitch on the white pillows.

Happy Thursday. Friends! due to a busy schedule and health issues, I haven't been able to get to blog posts lately. But I have quite a bit to share, so I hope you can take a few minutes to sit with a cup of tea (or cocoa or coffee) and have a read!

I've been busy the last 2 days on the sewing machine making gifts. I have 6 reusable shopping bags made for some of the ladies in my life. These went together easily, and I still have more to make. I used gross grain ribbon for the handles to make these come together quicker.

I also made the adorable  "sleep over" set for my daughter. I can't wait for her to see them. They are wide enough that she can use the sleeping bags for either her small stuffed animals or her Barbie dolls. I even made a little bag for her to keep the set in. If I have enough time before Christmas, I'd like to make her some other accessories to go with this set.

Teddy Bear decorating himself, before the tree!

The garland is on the kids' tree.

Wheels adding another ornament.

Princess making some last minute adjustments.
This past Saturday we got the Christmas decorations out of their crawlspace. The kids put up their little tree in the boys' room and decorated it. I controlled myself and did not utter a single word as they wrapped the garland around and then placed the ornaments. This is their tree. (Have I ever mentioned my Martha Stewart tendencies? It extends to Christmas trees. So instead of scarring my children for life and traumatizing them so that they never even want to look at a Christmas tree, they have their tree and I have mine- o.k. technically the families, but I get to be fussy about it!) The kids and Daddy put the big tree up in the living room on Sunday after church, while I watched. I was not feeling well, and tree decorating is not my DH thing, so we didn't get lights or ornaments on it until Tuesday.

Monday evening my DH and his cousin, along with some help from Wheels, butchered a deer. Despite all of our efforts, (well, n=mostly my DH efforts!) we didn't get our own deer this year; however, DH co-worker's son got a small buck on the last day of muzzle loader season. As it was his second deer for the year, he gave us the WHOLE thing!!! I didn't keep track of how many bags went into the freezer, but we have quite a bit of venison in the freezer now. I bought a meat grinder, so I'm hoping to make some sausage soon.

That's all for now. I still have more to share, but it's time to go take some ibuprofen. Have a lovely evening!

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