Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas in Pics

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front, but I was rather busy before Christmas. I worked at the school a couple of times and kept myself busy at the sewing machine making Christmas presents! Why is it that I always get my best ideas about a two to one and a half weeks before the holiday?

Anywhoooo, we had a lovely Christmas! Friday evening we went to our friends' home (a very sweet family and fellow keepers of chickens) for our church's annual caroling party. As always, it was wonderful to be with our church family. Christmas Eve we had my side of the family over for appetizers, a ham dinner and extremely yummy desserts. And of course we exchanged gifts! We ended to afternoon with a hilarious round of Shrek Mad-Libs.

The next morning I was surprised to be woken up at a respectable 6:15. Teddy Bear was the first up and asked Daddy if it was time to get his brother and sister. And so the wrapping paper went flying!

Teddy Bear with his "belly dumper" 18 wheelers. I asked the boys if they could only
get one present for Christmas, what would it be? This was TB's choice. It was a bonus that they were
Kenworth trucks!

Wheels' choice was a log truck. The one he really wanted was from a catalog,
but we didn't have the time to order it. We we able to find one at our
local Tractor Supply store. He was still very happy with it!

Princess wanted those  Xiu Xiu (spelling?) Pet sets. We weren't able to
 find any of the Pet sets, but we did find some of the Xiu Xiu Puppy sets
. (ON Clearance!!!!!!) She was still absolutely thrilled.


Daddy helping put together a Nerf gun for Wheels.

Our kitty Merlin sniffing for more of her Christmas cat nip.

Our three angels in front of the tree. (Teddy Bear was a little more
enthusiastic about the picture taking than his siblings.)

After breakfast we headed up to my DH parents' for more presents and dinner with them. again, we had a nice time. Then we headed home so the kiddos could play with their new toys and games. I layed down for a little while due to a back ache, and tried to fix a dinner of left overs; however, no one was hungry. We weren't able to go to the Christmas morning service at our church, so we lit our Advent wreath candles before singing a few Christmas hymns and saying a couple of prayers. The kiddos had a few more minutes to play before it was time to go to bed. And then we all went to bed.

So that was our Christmas. There was more laughing, talking, eating and even some crying than a blog post can convey, of course. But, that's our Christmas here on our hill.


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