Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Update and Preview!

Hey everyone! I'm still here and well. Last week was not a good week for blogging, but it was productive despite having sick children at home 3 out of 5 school days, and my poor hubby having a cold.

Last Sunday was beautiful for our "field trip" and we had fun. But with Monday, we had coughs, sniffles, a trip to the dentist office and numerous trips to the pharmacy for cough medicine! By Friday I was sincerely looking forward to the weekend.

Friday evening we started on the chicken coop! The boys and I helped Daddy construct the floor of the coop, and by Saturday at dinnertime we had both the front and back wall constructed (with windows!). We had lots of helpers with our 3 children and out niece. They loved to hammer the nails for the siding. Grampa and Gramma helped with their experience and tools, as well as muscle for putting the walls in place yesterday afternoon. We have the floor, 3 walls and the start of the roof in place. Whoo hoo!

This week I'm planning on have posts on our trip to Billings Farm last Sunday, the chicken coop construction and some homemaking tips. Hopefully this week will be more condusive to sharing! Have a great afternoon and Happy Mother's Day, belatedly!


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