Saturday, April 30, 2011

Preparing for the Unexpected

Hi everyone! This will be short and sweet (I hope!) Over at my new fave blog Homestead Revival Amy has been having a weekly Preparedness Challenge. (Now on week #6) After reading her posts on emergency preparedness, I've thought over making plans and stocking up. For more info on preparedness and ways you can do this for your own home and family, please visit Homestead Revival, because she has many more links and ideas.

This week I bought some medical supplies, started more seeds, learned more about chickens done some research on preparedness. In light of the tornadoes in the south (my prayers are with those who lives were lost and altered by this devastating event.) and the uncertainty of the future, it's not a bad idea to do everything you can to stock up and learn self-sufficiency in any way you can.

Have a great weekend! We're headed to Billings Farm & Museum for their opening weekend festivities. I'm so excited about this "field trip" with my family and looking forward to making memories and hopefully learning a little bit more about farming! I'll be sure to share asap.



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