Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting the Garden Ready

Seed starting supplies

Flat #2 doing very well with green bell peppers and herbs

Princess helped on the second round of seed starting

We were blessed with a double rainbow!
Happy Friday,  Friends! We had a beautiful start to the day, but it seems determined to cloud up! I actually have a load of laundry hang up outside for the first time in 2011, and hoping that the skies won't let loose until it's all dry.

The warmer temperatures have once again turned my mind to our garden for this year. Back in March I had started 2 flats of seeds. Unfortunately, only one flat did well and the other flat either neglected to sprout or it molded. Fortunately the flat that is doing well contains the green pepper seedlings, as well as some herbs. The other flat was mostly flowers, although I'm bummed because I had started marigolds for pest control. So, Monday evening Princess and I consolidated the two flats and restarted flat #1. We also started some sunflower seeds. (I've learned to start them inside, or else squirrels and chipmunks eat the seeds before they can sprout!) In flat #1 we started more peppers, some herbs, and flowers. I bought some seed starting pots (the kind you can just pop into the ground and they breakdown) and seed starting soil. I'm going to start the marigolds in these, as well as more green peppers. I would like to sell some if they do well.

When I started the seeds in March, I labeled them #1 and #2 on a corner. Then, using graph paper, I mapped out what cells I planted which seeds. As I'm a newbie to starting seeds, this was a must so I'd know what was doing well, etc. I'm so glad I did this because it helped when flat #1 molded, etc. When I replanted the flat, I just erased the notes and marked what I planted this time. I also made sure to put the flat in the sun as soon as I saw sprouts poking up. I have 2 seed flats, 2 plastic strawberry containers (I use them to start the sunflowers in), a large angel wing begonia, another house plant, and Wheels' cabbage plant (he got it at school) in the living room with a cage of chickens. I have a small scale farm in my living room!

Last night between rain showers, Princess and I started to clean out the garden. We had neglected to clean it out last fall  and there was a pile of leaves to get rid of. I'd like to let the chickees in there before we till it, which probably won't be for another week or two. The girls haven't been out yet and we've had atleast 2 hawks circling our area, so I thought a good intro for the girls would be the fenced in garden while I'm finishing cleaning it up. I'll bring them back in with me when we're done, though!

I've also found a blog that I LOVE! I've learned so much and gotten tons of inspiration from reading it. On the left hand side of my post, you'll see a heading "My Blog List". On this you'll see a link for Homestead Revival. Click it! Even if you don't homestead or even garden, you'll love the homekeeping posts!

It's been one of those all day posts! I started at 11 am and it's now past 8:30! Have a lovely evening, and get a good nights rest!



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