Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter and The Search for The Right Coop

Our Family Faith Wall on Good Friday

The FFW on Easter morning!

We found the Alleluia and restored it to it's place of honor.

It's hard to see, but it says "With God all things are possible." So true!

The kids' stained glass crosses.

Breaking ground for our original concept for the coop.

A very "egg-cited" Princess!

Happy Wednesday! I'm VERY behind on my blogging, I had started this post on Monday!It's going to be short and sweet! I just wanted to share about our Family Faith wall (you can read this post for more info and to see what it looked like before Good Friday) and how it transformed. I also have some updates on the homemade cleaners from this post.

For our Family Faith wall, I hung up a sheet to cover it on Good Friday. I thought it would show the solemnity of the day and symbolize Jesus' coverings for the tomb. Saturday night after the kids had gone to bed, I went to work on transforming the wall into a picture of joy and life. I had planned ahead what I was going to use and got the flower garland made before hand, so it only took me about 5 minutes to put this up. I changed the middle picture, but kept the same Scripture verses. The large golden cross was a gift from my Mom and the quote on the wall is actually from the dollar store! I'm planning on keeping the Family Faith wall as is for the 50 days of Easter until Pentecost.

We had a lovely Easter day, and after our yummy dinner at my sister-in-laws, we went to work on our chicken coop plans. After to heading to Home Depot to get lumber, we realized that our original plan was going to be too costly, so we looked around at the pre-built sheds and brainstormed. After visiting a local garden and shed center, we found a coop that is pre-built and absolutely gorgeous, but entirely out of our budget! We've decided to build a close replica of it, and my dear hubby is sure it will be more cost effective of a design.

An update on the homemade cleaners: I'm very pleased with the dishwasher detergent! The few glass cups that we have look better than when we used Cascade and everything is nice and clean! As for the soap jelly, I tested it out on some really bad grass stains on Wheels' pants, and I've had to reapply and wash again. When I first treated the stains I used the Oxy Clean Max Force stain stick on one knee and the soap jelly on the other, and felt they worked about the same, but as every mother knows, grass stains are tough. I'm thinking that the soap jelly will work just about the same as any store bought stain remover for only about a fraction of the cost. (A bar of Fels-Naptha is only 97 cents at my local Walmart and i only used 3/4 of a bar!).

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday and I hope to post again either later or tomorrow!


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  1. I love your family faith wall!! We really need to do something like that in the parsonage. Thank you for blogging, Kelly. It's always such good stuff.