Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Musings

Our Family Faith Wall

Monday greetings to all. If you're in the same neck of the woods as we are, then it's cold, snowy and windy. Another snowday for Mama and the kiddos. I'll be honest, my enthusiasm for snow days is waning- o.k. it's altogether nonexistant! I'm longing for Winter to take her snowy, frozen mantle with her and be replaced with Spring's fresh and green.

I'm intending for this to be a sort post, but we'll see how that goes! ;)

As you could tell, I've changed my look! I wanted to wait until the first day of spring, (March 20) but I couldn't take it anymore! I'm feeling a need for change in my surroundings, so the blog was one of them. The first was our Family Faith wall. I had talked about my plans in a previous post, and here it is. I had had the same look since the beginning of Advent, so it was a definitely time for a "makeover". I even swapped out the wall sconces. Unfortunately it is difficult to see the middle frame, but it has a deep purple background with a wine colored cross. I'm not sure if I like this look or not, it could get edited!

Also not seen, or hard to see, is our Alleluia on the top of the secretary.Tommorow evening our family will "bury" the Alleluia. I made ours from scrapbooking paper and laminated it with clear contact paper. I was even able to fashion a easel back on it. I think this is a lovely custom for a family to practice. I have some other plans for our family faith wall for Good Friday and Easter Sunday that I thjnk will have visual impact, not just for the sake of visual impact, but hopefully to evoke emotion and understading of the Crucifixtion and the Ressurection.

Also in need of change was our Learning Window. I've made a maple syrup inspired banner and changed out our books. We've got shamrock window clings and some more changes to make there. We'll have some more spring, St, Patrick's day amd maple syrup books and items to put up there.

Well, it's been a long day, and I meant to have this posted this afternoon. It's now after 7 p.m.! Have a wonderful evening and a great Tuesday!

Blessings, Kelly

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  1. I love the idea of burying the Alleluia as a family. You're such a great mom.