Monday, March 14, 2011

M is for.......

A visitor to our learning window.
Our sugaring "arch'.

......Monday, already, again!
.......Mouse, as in the St. Patrick's day mouse that has taken up residence at our learning window. He's so cute!
.......Maple sugaring, which took up most of Daddy's weekend! The syrup is almost ready and we're hoping to finish it tonight.
........mid-March! Time has flown by! It seems like it was just February. On the bright side, only 6 more days until the first of Spring! The bird songs are new and more cheerful, the air seems fresh and alive! And soon the first crop of the season will be ready for tasting! (maple syrup!!!!)
........Martha, in the gospel of Luke. I seem to be acting more like her (rushed, manic, distracted, resentful, GRUMPY) lately than her dear sister, Mary (remember, she had "chosen the better part" by sitting at Jesus' feet?) Hopefully the continuation of our Women's Bible Study today will help on that
.........Monarch, that is the butterfly. Today is Learn About Butterflies Day! Our Learning Window book basket has some library books on the subject. 

Well, dear friends, wishing you a very blessed Monday! I'm hoping to have more posts this week, as I have lots to share about Lent, maple syrup, the rest of March's fun days to celebrate. So come back to visit soon!

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