Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

*Re-posting this for some last minute inspiration!!!*

Good day to all! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the snow is MELTING!!! On a day like today it is easy to praise the Lord and remember that He is good, despite what may be going on in your life or the world around you.

I thought I'd post some ideas for St. Patrick's Day before it got  much later into the week. I always seem to find a cute craft or yummy looking recipe on the day before or of a holiday, when I don't have time to fit it in to my day! I'm working on planning ahead!

So, onto St. Paddy's Day! Our Thursday is looking to be very hectic, with 2 kiddos attendening Knitting Club, which requires a 15 minute trip to the school, and then Parent-Teacher Conferences starting at 5:30. I'm thinking of doing one of the food ideas for dinner, but everything else will be pushed to Friday, as the kids have the day off (and we'll have more time!).

The first 2 ideas come from the Family Fun magazine. (I just love that mag!) The first is a rainbow made of fruit. I can't seem to find it on their website, but it was in there! Anyways, you use different fruits to make a rainbow on a round platter. Start with strawberries, go to oranges, pineapple for yellow, green grapes, bluberries, and purple skinned pears. A small bowl of banana slices at one end is your pot of gold. You can swap out same colored fruits,( like honeydew melon for green or red grapes for purple) and don't foget the mini marshmallow cloud at the other end! I think I'll make this for Thursday night's dinner.

The next recipe is from F.F., too, but this time I do have a link! How about RAINBOW CUPCAKES!?
They look so fun, I just have to try them. This will be a Friday project, so that the kiddos can get in on the action. I think Daddy will be surprised when he gets home from work! Also, I think I'll be using our usual frosting recipe instead of the whipped cream, but we'll see what the kiddos think.

(It is now Wednesday and this post will be out a day later than I planned! It's been a very busy time for Mama!) We will not be having the typical corned beef and cabbage dinner at our house, though. I am the only one that likes it, so I'll be putting it in the crockpot for my lunch on Friday. For Thursday's dinner I'll be having a chicken stew with lots of carrots and, of course, potatoes! 

There has also been a St. Patrick lapbook in the works. I almost wish I had never heard of a lapbook, because  I am seemingly obsessed! I don't know if the kids will ever enjoy them, or even want to make thier own, but I have really enjoyed making this! Princess has been excited to see it come together, so she might like to make them, so we'll see if this will be a good tool for learning at our house.

Well, it's getting later and later, and there is much to do! Wishing you a blessed St. Patrick's Day to you and yours!

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