Friday, March 18, 2011

Items of Interest

A nearly full Sap moon. Pic taken from our deck.
Happy Friday everyone! Just a couple of things I thought I'd share about this weekend.

First, it is Maple Sugar house Open Weekend here in the beautiful green mountain state. You can go to this site to find a sugar house near you. We've visited a sugar house nearly every year for the past couple of years now, and even though we make our own, it's just plain ol' fun!

Also, Saturday night will be the full Sap Moon. It's going to be especially large, bright and beautiful! For more information on the this occasion, you can go here and here. The moon isn't full yet, tonight, but it was still absolutely gorgeous!

If you're in the neighborhood Saturday afternoon, we'll be boiling! And I might even have some goodies to share!

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