Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday

Happy Monday to all! Before I get started, I apologize if I ramble. It's one of those days where I have too much buzzing around in my brain. And, it's been a crazy morning. I should have known how may day would be when I woke up 20 minutes late, forgot my coffee on the table as I rushed out the door and got everything loaded onto the belt at Walmart before realizing that my darling hubbie had forgotten to return the debit card to me and I'd forgotten to return the checkbook to my purse. Luckily, I did remember that it was out in the car in my Bible case. I love how creatively the Lord can use His Word to save us!

These are some of the things going on in my head:
  • getting a craft binder together
  • coming up with craft projects for school vacation next week
  • a special outing for Princess and I while the boys are in Conn. with Gramma and Grampa
  • getting some mending done on my *new!!!!!!!* sewing machine
  • getting Princess' purse made on my *new!!!!!!!* sewing machine
  • finding information on raising chickens
  • getting the laundry done
  • getting the hutch cleaned off
  • finishing the Easter lap book I started for the kiddos
  • washing more canning jars for syrup (so far we've made nearly 4 gallons- not bad for only 25 taps!)
  • putting a dinner menu together for the rest of the week
  • finding my last paycheck so we can buy building materials for a chicken coop
  • looking for seed starting flats

  • getting a craft binder together

  • finding information on raising chickens

  • planning our garden

 Can you tell what things I'm most excited about? The craft binder idea is not my original idea, I saw it on a youtube clip, but I have plans for my own! (I promise to share when done!) And I need info. on chickens because after years of asking my husband if we could have chickens, he finally relented and agreed. Of course, it took having a tick embedded in his skin and a trip to the ER and the doctor telling him that chickens eat ticks (I'd told him this YEARS ago!) for him to realize what a wonderful idea having chickens is! I'm really excited and so are the kids, if I can gauge by arguments over who's going to collect eggs and feed them! So far, Teddy Bear is the only one to volunteer to clean up the poop!

Well, that's enough for today. Come back soon, as I have our Easter lap book and the links I used to make it, to share, as well as some craft projects. Have a great rest of your Monday and hope to be back tomorrow!

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  1. make sure no varmits can get to them, bury the wire at least 6 inches and make sure no hawks can fly in.