Saturday, July 28, 2012

Preparedness for July 2012

Once again Homestead Revival's Preparedness Challenge has caught me off guard! But after reading the post, I realized that this month, I have actually done pretty well in most of the preparedness areas. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, 'kay?

  • We have 24 free range chickens that are now freezer ranging. We ordered them with our friends, who did the raising and butchering for us in exchange for our help with their fire wood and our portion of the cost of feed.
  • I have cut and dried 3 bunches of catnip for both the cats' use and my tea for this winter. (See here and here to learn more about the benefits of catnip tea.)
  • I cut, shredded and froze 3 large zucchini's in 2 cup portions. I use this primarily for my chocolate zucchini bread, but I've also added it to ground meat while I'm browning it for meals such as baked ziti or spaghetti.
  • My dear Hubby and I recently cleaned out the freezer (for those 24 chickens!), so I was able to take inventory of what we have.
  • This afternoon I made calendula salve. I had had the calendula petals steeping in olive oil for well over 2 months now, and figured it was time to make it!
  • I also made lip balm to have on hand this winter.
  • I have downloaded many free or very cheap homesteading/preparedness books on my Kindle. Thank you so very much to Joybilee Farm for posting free Kindle books!
  • I'm in the planning stages of making an emergency car kit, in case we are in the car and need to evacuate, etc. while away from home.
I need to work on getting together B.O.B. bags and taking stock of what supplies I have. I was very grateful that I have stocked up on gauze pads and cloth medical tape a few weeks ago when part of my incision that hadn't healed and built up fluid decided to rupture. (It was really gross and scary!) I had the things I needed, so we didn't have to stop at the pharmacy on the way home from the ER.

Well, that is all for this month. I have much more to do and learn, but I think I did pretty well for a gal that's still recuperating!

Many blessings,

lining up to Homestead Revival's Preparedness Challenge #37

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