Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Frenzy of Feline Activity

A very large bunch from my large catnip "bush". Getting it bundled so I
can hang it to dry.
At the end of this post I showed a picture of the giganto mutant catnip plants. I had to cut 7 stalks off so that my peppermint could get some sun. Then I had to cut some more stalks because you couldn't see the impatiens in front of the catnip. Of course, Merlin, found the scent of fresh catnip intriguing. So, I did what any doting kitty Mama would do; I gave her a stalk.

Sorry that the pictures are blurry, but she he kept moving, rolling around in kitty delight. I just had to take pictures because Merlin isn't normally playful. She He will sit in your lap and purr and rub up against your legs when ever you enter the kitchen, but doesn't really play. Maybe if the moon is full and certain planets are in alignment and certain plants are in bloom, she he will play for a nano-second with some small found object on the floor.

Did you notice the she/he references. Yup, that's right. For quite a while we thought Merlin was a girl. Well, mark it on the calendar, I was WRONG!!! Merlin is a boy. I found this out today while searching the Internet for kitten care info. I saw a link for a video on how to tell if your cat is a girl or a boy, so I watched. Pretty simple, and pretty clear that Merlin had been wrongly gender assigned. Hopefully there will not be any lasting effects from this. ;D

Now, I just know you are dying to know why in the world I was online searching for kitten information. Well, take a deep breath, I have an announcement. We have 2 new kittens!!!!
Meet Miller, the newest boy.

And meet Oreo, the only girl.

Merlin, (before the gender re-assignment) checking them out. He did hiss
at them, but never raised a paw.

Monday evening at the dinner table, my DH was telling us that the daughter of the owner of the saw mill where he works found 3 kittens at the end of the mill's drive way. The mother was no where around. So they took the kittens down to the Humane Society. Chances are that the mother was one of the many feral cats in the area. The next day, my hubby called to tell me that they found 2 more kittens and that if we wanted one we could go right down to the mill office and get one. The children were ecstatic, so we jumped in the car, headed to the mill. On the way there, we discussed names . Princess wanted to name it after the mill owners last name. I nixed that, as it sounded rather goofy. Wheels wanted to name it Oreo because Daddy had said that one of the kittens on Monday looked like an Oreo cookie. I said what about Millie if it's a girl, since she was found at the saw mill. The kids liked that idea. So we arrived at the mill and went in to the office to see them, and Oh my goodness, they were just too cute! How could we pick just one. And they were brother and sister, how could we split them? So, we took both!

They are doing very well, and have already caught onto using the kitty litter box! They stay in the bathroom for now when we're not able to keep an eye on them. The way our house is set up, it's just too much space for such little kittens to be left on their own for now. But they get plenty of time out in the living room to play and be cuddled with. And now I will end with some pictures of pure kitten cuteness.

Many blessings,

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