Monday, November 14, 2011

A Menu Plan, Lap Book and Family Faith Wall To Share

Happy Monday, dear Friends! We had a long weekend with the children being home on Friday. Princess was able to go to her friend's house to play and the boys ping-ponged between Gramma and Grampa's house and home. Saturday was the first day of rifle deer season, so my DH and I headed out to the woods to take our rifles for their yearly walk. I actually played hide n' seek with a large doe, and then had a staring contest with her before she quietly bounded away. It was right in the same spot where Teddy Bear took his shot last week! At first I couldn't see if it was a buck or doe because all I could see was a back side, so I waited patiently (and very quietly) for the deer to move from behind a tree. When the wind picked up, I slooooooooowly creeped ahead, only to discover that it was a doe. I'm thinking of heading out early Wednesday morning to the spot to see if I can find a buck there!

I've done my grocery shopping for the week already and finally got a chance to take stock of the freezer last Thursday. So that means I have a menu plan for the week! Last week I sort of winged it, and Sunday became a takeout pizza night because I was not feeling well at all and my DH had a back ache that kept him down for the count most of the afternoon. I've really got to get to work on freezing some meals for occasions such as this, as well as getting an extra batch of cookies in the freezer, too. I wasn't able to bake Saturday due to being out hunting and then yesterday there was just no way I could be up on my feet for any length of time. (I know, I sound rather whiny, don't I? Sorry!) The kiddos were not happy for having to settle for a breakfast cookieless breakfast!

~Menu for Monday Nov. 14 to Sunday Nov. 20~

~Monday: grilled baby back ribs, baked potatoes, salad, applesauce, corn and banana
~Tuesday: homemade shake n' bake chicken cutlets, stuffin' muffins, carrots, fruit
~Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles and fruit
~Thursday: turkey smoked sausage, roasted potatoes, green beans, fruit
~Friday: Baked ziti, corn, fruit
~Saturday: venison stew with carrots and potatoes
~Sunday: leftovers, veggies and fruit

A prayer for one side and Scripture verses for the other. I added some stickers to make them look prettier!

Well, I finally got my Scripture verses typed, printed and framed for our Family Faith wall, and have some seasonal decorations added as well.

And here is a peek at our Thanksgiving lap book: (It's still a work in progress!)

I covered a standard size manila file folder with wrapping paper.

I added a flap of dark red card stock.

The front. I "laminated" the title with clear packing tape, glued it to one side of the cover
 and added a hook and loop closure on the other side.

A Blessings Tree (I have to add the hook and loop pieces so that the blessing leaves can be stuck on)
 and a print out of Bible verses.

A pocket for the mini books and Bible memory verse cards.

*I keep forgetting to mention a wonderful resource for families, and one that I used for the lap book. Scripture Adventures make wonderful holiday resources filled with recipes, crafts and Scripture. We have both the Easter and the Thanksgiving ones. I think I'll be ordering the Christmas one as well. The best part is that you print it out from your computer, so you don't have to wait for it to be delivered. Just make sure you have plenty of paper and ink!

Well, that's all for now! Have a wonderful day.

*This is not a paid endorsement, just my opinion, plain and simple!

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