Saturday, September 24, 2011

Putting Together A Cold Season Kit

Just a few of the things I've pulled together for our kit.

Homemade rice bag I made yesterday.

As promised, I've pulled together some things from the medicine closet and first aid box to put together my own cold season kit. This is for all of the colds, viruses, bugs and maladies that are sure to strike in the colder months. I'm not sure if I'm going to actually include cold and cough meds in the kit or keep them out where I usually keep them. I am going to have a little "mini-kit" for in the linen closet in the upstairs hall, since that is where the kids' bedrooms are. This should help for when the kids wake up in the night not feeling well.

Yesterday I was able to make 2 rice bags just for the cold care kit. (We have quite a few of these that we keep in the freezer, but they tend to ...ummmm..., let's just say, wander away with the children!) These are very simple to make and you can use left over material. I filled mine with plain old rice, but I have added dried lavender and chamomile before. These are going to stay in the closet with the cold care kit. We use these for upset tummies, sore muscles, and sore throats. I've also found that when we've tried everything else to help ease a child's incessant cough, a warm pack on the chest works! Just a word of caution: NEVER put a warm pack on over Vick's Vapor Rub (or store brand equivalent) as burns can occur. Warm packs are also very soothing for earaches and sinus headaches.

Along with the rice bags I got out the Vicks Vapo Steam Inhaler. Sounds scary, but it's very useful when you are stuffy. I ran out out of the Vicks liquid that you use sometime last year, so I just added peppermint extract to the hot water and that worked just as well! For stuffiness overnight, I added the mentholated Breath Right strips. I've never used them on the children before, but I've used them myself, and they help with mild stuffiness. Saline nasal spray is also in the kit.

A thermometer is a must, as well as good ol' vapor rub. (our jar looks a little funny because I had to decorate it when the kids were little. We called it magic potion and pretended a fairy left it for them! It's time to get a new jar!) I never realized how well it works to quiet a cough and help with congestion. You can go here for a homemade version. I'm thinking of doing this!

This is all I have together for now, but there is much more to add and to get ready for the cold season. I have to get out the humidifiers/vaporizers and get them cleaned and ready for action. I also want to do some research on home/herbal remedies to help with illnesses. I have a feeling that I'll have another post on this topic soon, there is just so much learn and do! If you have any great remedies, recipes or ideas, please share! I'll include them in the next post on this topic. And don't forget to "Like" my page or friend me on face book. This is a great way to share, comment and check up on what I'm doing and sharing.

Have a great day!

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  1. Great list. Last year for Christmas I made everyone their own rice bags...and boy do they come in only thing is...what to do when the power is out and then so is the microwave...still working on that one LOL.