Monday, September 19, 2011

Nesting Boxes, Substituting and Soccer Practice

The new nesting boxes that my father in law built for us.

Attached to the side of the coop. Almost finished!

My planner turned to this week's page, with my apple shaped post-it reminders for the kids' chores and menu planning!
This is the post I thought would never happen! I've tried a few times to get a chance to get it done, but the computer would freeze, or I'd run out of time. It's about quarter after seven, the kids are still showering and need to get to bed, as do I! It's been a crazy day for this Mama, and the week has just begun!

In homesteading news, my father in law got the nesting boxes finished, and my D.H. got them hooked onto the coop with his father's and brother in law's help. The girls are happy, I think, although some are still insisting on squeezing in with Alice, our broody girl! We still have to finish putting on trim, insulating and staining the coop. But we're getting there!

I subbed at the kids' school today, after doing my grocery shopping and some quick chores around the house. I'm truly thankful for my crock pot because Wheels had a soccer game tonight. I bought a whole chicken this morning because they were on sale, got home and threw it in the crock with some onion, garlic, thyme and sage. It was done just in time, and tasted wonderful! There were lots of juices in the crock to make gravy with, and we left the carcass in the crock, so now I'm making stock!

The rest of the week is looking pretty full, with a full day at the school tomorrow, evening soccer practices, a volunteer class in Princess' class and a washing machine that isn't working. That means a trip to the laundromat! I'm wishing I had one of those old ringer washer's right now.

That's all for this evening. I'm hoping to be back Wednesday for another post. Have a lovely evening!

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  1. Love the nesting boxes.

    You are definitely having a busy week.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.