Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Your Mark...Get Ready........

Teddy Bear and Princess decorating their new school binders.

Wheels with his new decorated binder. His was a hand me down from T.B.
So, I can check something off of my weekly to-do list! After lunch the kiddos and I went through all of the school supplies I had bought over the last few weeks (mostly at Walmart, Staples and the Dollar Tree, on sale or special!) and sorted them out, labeled them and put them into each child's backpack. The boys have the kind of binders that have a clear pocket that you can change the picture in. So they decorated them with motocross bike, tractor, Thomas, and monster truck stickers. Princess' binder doesn't have a clear pocket, but she still decorated it with hearts, castles, Tinker Bell and tigers.

When I'm done typing up my post, I'm going to be loading some educational games into the laptop for the kids. Then I'm going to work on menu planning for the next 2 weeks. I hit the jackpot when grocery shopping this morning, and got lots of meat for less than $2 a pound. So the freezer is well stocked, as well as the pantry.

Hope you have a delightful Tuesday, friends!

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