Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday! I thought I'd just give a quick run down about our past week and the week ahead for us up here on our hill. I was hoping to be able to post some pictures and details about finishing our chicken coop and expanding the run, but due to a broken washing machine and flooded basement, the work on the coop didn't get done. I'm a bit bummed, but I'm looking at the flooded basement as a blessing in disguise. The flood didn't involve the entire basement, only the laundry area/entry way, which was in bad need of cleaning and organizing. We were able to get rid of some junk, and now I have  to get everything straightened out down there.

Saturday I picked enough green beans to almost fill a gallon size baggie! I'm so excited about our garden doing so well. This is the first year of gardening that I have been not only involved in the garden, but put real thought and effort into it. I also have been able to free up my darling husband from it, only having to have his help with rototilling, planting and some weeding in the beginning . The pie pumpkins are looking good, as we already have some growing on the vine. I've gotten 7 zucchinis so far, with more getting ready to harvest soon. The bell peppers have blossomed, even though the plants aren't very big. I'm hoping we have a good harvest of them.

Teddy Bear is out of summer academy, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer and our routine we had in the beginning. I think the transition to the school year will be easier for all if we stick to our routine. And speaking of the school year, I've been brainstorming and planning for it. I've purchased some school supplies for the kiddos (I can't believe that the sales started back in July!) and have been thinking about breakfast and lunch choices for them that are healthy for them and the bank account!

This is what I'm hoping to accomplish this week:
  • consolidating the school supply list (each child has a different list)
  • taking an inventory of school supplies we have
  • finishing the run expansion (finish the fencing, make a small gate and large gate)
  • finishing the chicken coop (installing permanent roosts, making some nesting boxes, finish staining the outside, painting and hanging the shutters)
  • going through the mess on the basement shelves in laundry area
  • sorting the shoes and coats in basement entry
  • getting rid of clothes either by giving to friends or charity thrift shops
  • working on Household notebook for the coming school year and updating the school info for the kids
  • getting the roosters (Amos and Biscuit) to their new home
  • packing for  Princess's trip to Kid's camp next week
  • reserving lean-to sites for our Church's women's retreat

That's all for now! Hope you all have a great day .

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