Friday, August 26, 2011

A Friday Update

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you are all doing well. I thought I would share a quick update of what is happening up here on our hill. I was going to do a post on planning for the school year, but with a very disorganized kitchen, some drama in the chicken coop and a hurricane headed for us, I thought better of it!

I have managed to get some things ticked off of the to-do list for this week. As you may have read on Tuesday's post, we got the school supplies loaded into the backpacks. Yesterday I took Princess out for her shopping trip, where she got to choose 2 new shirts and set of earrings. (The boys got new tractor shirts and baseball hats! John Deere, Massey Ferguson, International Harvester, etc.!) On Wednesday I was able to help Princess and Wheels go through their bureaus and weed out the things that they don't like/don't fit/have too many of. We were able to get rid of quite a bit! I was also able to remember to buy black ink for the printer and actually get to my desk and the desk top computer so that I can make up and print the new checklists. I did type up and print out a checklist for chicken chores. (I'll be sharing that in a later post!)

As I mentioned earlier, we've had some drama out at the chicken coop. Wednesday evening Wheels let the big girls and boy out to free range, as is our usual custom. Immediately after letting them out, our rooster Samuel went after Fanny, one of two of our older hens. He was being so aggressive that she flew up on to the top of the run. (our run is covered on the top because we have had so many hawks around this summer, and it's just safer all around!) Samuel strutted and squawked while Fanny rested and checked out her best route for escape. When she finally made it back down, he nabbed her again. This time I'd had enough! Poor Fanny had started growing back her feathers that she'd lost due to another aggressive rooster that her previous owners had (FYI they butchered said rooster!), but was bald again thanks to Samuel. Long story short, Samuel was put in solitary confinement where he will remain until we can find a new home for him. Moral of the story, (admittedly, there is a naughty little side of me itching to write something, well, naughty!) DON'T MESS WITH THIS CHICKEN MAMA'S GIRLS! We also have a laying pullet that may be egg bound, or just broody. I'm keeping an eye on her and we're set up in case we have to help her pass the egg. I'm really hoping she's just broody, but she seems rather lethargic.

So, now we have Hurricane Irene gunning for us. Hurricanes are not a normal event for us here in the Green Mountain State. We're land locked, and seemingly safe nestled in the lush mountains that are our state's namesake. However, we are due our portion of extreme weather, I guess.(Click here to see the projected path of Irene.) For today, I'm going to have the kiddos pick up toys, tools, etc. that are laying around outside, while I concentrate my efforts on the kitchen. I have clean, empty mason jars on the counter, a waffle maker with no cupboard to call home, a homeless pressure canner and a basket full of cucumbers and zucchinis. Plus, much more! After finding homes for these items, I want to get a head start on shredding zucchini and mixing up dry ingredients for zucchini bread and breakfast cookies. Then I'm going to put up some drinking water in case we lose power, and see to other emergency preparations.

If you are like us, and unaccustomed to being prepared for hurricanes, you can check out these 2 links:
My dear hubby will be working on cleaning up a spot in the cellar just in case we have to go down there. We have plenty of canned goods, dry pasta and cereals, powdered milk, etc. I'm going to put a tote together of some items to put in the car just in case we should have to leave, although I doubt that that will happen. I would just rather be safe than sorry. Tomorrow I'll be posting more on emergency prepping, if I have time. I might be too busy prepping to post!

The most important thing I will be doing in the midst of all this, is praying. Despite all of our preparations and checklists, we need to remember that the Lord has this all in His hands.

I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
 my God, in whom I trust." Psalm 91:2
Do not forget to pray, dear Friends, no matter what you may be facing. Our Father is faithful, merciful and loving. 

Well, Friends, that is all for now. I have a pullet to check on and a kitchen to clean!

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