Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blessings for Palm Sunday and a Change of Plans

Our hand print palm leaf

My Holy Week folder
Blessings on this Palm Sunday! I pray you are all enjoying it. We had a lovely (and smooth running!!!!) morning before heading to church. I even had breakfast on the table before 7 and we were out the door early, even with a change in wardrobe for Mama!

We did a family craft this afternoon that was easy. We traced our hand prints onto green paper (we even got Merlin's paws with Wheels' help!) and after I cut them out I arranged and glued them onto a piece of poster board. I had to cut a couple of pieces of green to fill in some gaps, and then made a stem. With a gold Sharpie I wrote "Hosanna!" on the bottom. (and yes, I really used the cats' paw print!)

After getting the mail yesterday, I realized I was going to have to edit our Holy Week plans. The children's baseball schedules came in, and practices are starting this Tuesday! Some crafts are going to have to be simplified and perhaps nixed altogether, but I printed out some coloring sheets of the Last Supper, Crucifixion and Resurrection. (see the links on the left hand side of my blog) Dinner plans may have to be simplified as well, but I'm hoping to stick to my original plan with the exception of Mon. night. We'll be having pizza as I have to pick up pizza for the Northern Lights Youth Choir and deliver it to our church. It just makes sense, rather than making myself nuts trying to time our dinner, etc.

I made a folder to hold all of my plans, recipes, coloring sheets and some craft supplies. I had made a planner for the Lenten Season, Easter and Pentecost (see this post) but I found that I just wasn't using it. Once again, life just seemed to get in the way! I am planning on gathering everything together and filing it in this planner for next year, in hopes that I'll use it then!

Well, I've taken up enough of your Sunday! Many blessings and prayers that you'll grow closer to Jesus this week.

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