Monday, February 28, 2011

Planning........Part 2

Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3 NIV
My Lent, Easter, Holy Week Planner, my Lenten-Easter Journal and 2 books on the season.

Some purple papers, Scripture quotes and a purple candle for our family prayer altar.
Good Monday to you all! We're having nasty weather again, so it's another day off from work and school for Mama and the kiddos. I thought I'd take advantage of the time to share some more thoughts and ideas on planning for the Lenten season.

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of hours to myself yesterday, so I took the time to start planning for the Lenten season. This is only the second Lent that our family had observed, so some of the planning time was spent doing research on the web, looking mostly for family activities and ways to observe and explain the season with children. I decided that I needed a planner for our family plans for the season, so I changed the front cover from my Gardening/Outside planner (it was empty anyway and I have another binder to use!) and placed our An Easter Adventure  book in the binder and made up a cover page. I'll be putting activity pages, research, recipes, a calendar of the Holy days and brainstorming notes in this.

I also worked on my own personal Lenten journal/planner. I had started it last year, but hadn't gotten very far other than writing out some Scripture verses. For this year, I've started by writing out the dates of the Holy days, starting with Ash Wednesday. I wanted to commit to paper what I was "fasting" or giving up for the season. I decided to give up fictional reading material. (This may sound familiar to a friend of mine, who did the same thing last year!) My reasons for this is that I love to read, but tend to escape into my books, living vicariously through the characters. While I tend to read only Christian novels, (and have felt convicted on occasion or had a truth revealed to me) I feel the need to work on my own spirituality. So I will dedicate my reading time to studying in my Bible, reading the two books on Lent and Easter (see the box in the upper left-hand side labeled "Books on My Nightstand") devotional readings and a few other non-fiction books on prayer and other spiritual matters.

In the second pic up top are some papers I'm going to use to make some sort of Lent wall art. For Advent and Christmas I had Scripture quotes from both the Old and New Testaments concerning Jesus' birth that I had framed and flanked either side of another framed picture. I am going to do the same for Lent, only for the middle frame I am not going to use my usual tightwad clearance calendar artwork. I'm brainstorming for ideas. These frames hang above our secretary and I usually have candles there, so I will be putting some purple candles out.

So, there is the beginning of my plans for Lent. If you observe Lent, I encourage you to prayerfully consider making some plans of your own for the season. If you do not observe Lent, then I encourage you to learn more about this season and the Holy day of Easter.
Many blessings,

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