Monday, February 14, 2011

What Is Love?

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers. I realize it is rather late in the day, but as the first day of February vaca for my kiddos, it didn't go as originally planned. I thought of scrapping this post altogether, but felt led to write it anyway.

So the question of the day is What is love? Ask 10 people and chances are you will get 10 different answers. For my answer, I prefer to rely on God's Word, the Bible. I have heard many times that the Bible is actually God's love letter to humanity. There are many verses, psalms, chapters and even an entire book of the Bible that speak of, express, and teach about love. Perhaps one of the most famous verses quoted concerning love, even by non-Christians, is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. You see it on cards, artwork, wedding paraphernalia, etc. But what does all of the "Love is this..... love is not........" mean?

It can be boiled down to one thing. When we ask ourselves how we can love our loved ones and still contradict what the Truth tells us love is and isn't, when we can't seem to wrap our hearts or minds about how this love thing looks like, practically , day-to-day, in nitty gritty real life, we have the PERFECT role model. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

If you know Him, then you know what I mean. You've felt His love, even when you've not been particularly lovable. You've experienced Lent and Easter, knowing that it's not about chocolate or bunnies, but instead the Father's love for us. (John 3:16) When you feel as though you have lost your way when it comes to loving, look to Jesus to show you the way back.

If you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus, I urge you to learn more about Him. He has been waiting your entire life for you to meet Him. Oh, he already knows you. And He already loves you. Are you discontent with the loves in your life? Looking for the love of a lifetime? What about a love that transcends time and lasts for eternity? Looking for someone to love you, no matter what you look like (by the way, He thinks you're beautiful, even with those 10 extra lbs.) no matter what you've done, no matter what you've said? The unconditional love that we have all looked for in our lives (and all too often have been disappointed when our idea of love has fallen flat) can ONLY be found at the feet of Jesus. He is waiting for you, His arms wide open. It's just up to you to take that last step into his loving embrace.

One more reminder. I've often read that love is so much more than an emotion. It is a commitment. It is waking up every day and living your life for those you love. It isn't always easy. Believe me, as I wrote this post in my head today, I felt very convicted. I needed the reminder of what love is. Did you?

Many Blessings,

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