Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

As I'm starting this post, I know full well that it probably won't get posted until tomorrow of even Saturday. It's been a crazy kind of day.
And here it is Saturday, and I'm just getting back to finish this post!
Thursday started cold and frosty with another gorgeous sunrise. (See picture above) The sun came out as I was starting some housework before heading to town to run errands. Admittedly I dawdled through my errands only to rush home to wash a sink full of dishes before getting to work on dinner. My children had been begging since Monday for homemade calzones. I didn't mind too much because I wanted to try the food processor that my darling husband had gotten me for Christmas.
My daughter, we'll call her Princess, helped with the dough after finishing her homework. (she's in first grade, so it's only a sheet with 5 spelling words) We had a good time and I was impressed with the processor. Long story short, the kids were thrilled with their calzones. Another culinary slam dunk for Mama! By the way, they loved the chocolate chip cookies I mentioned in the last post. Daddy, not so much.
Friday I spent in New Hampshire with by wonderful sister and lovely niece. I had a doctors appointment and then a shopping stint at BJ's.
Today started with a trip to the school with my youngest son for his basketball practice. I was proud of him because he was very focused on learning the drills. It reminded me of the verse in Colossians to do all that we do with all our heart for the Lord. Think of how wonderful the world would be if everyone lived by this? There would be no need for complaint departments!
So what can you put all of your heart into? Your job, parenting, your marriage, your health? Take some time to think on this and ask the Lord for help in both revealing the answer to you, and the grace and strength you need to make it happen.
Many blessings!

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