Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crocheted Hats & Headbands: Where Form Meets Function

Since taking up crocheting again, I've been able to create quite a few things. I have felt truly blessed to be able to make items for myself, our home and others. Items that would cost more than what I can make them for. Now, I am not going to be doing any tutorials on crocheting, especially when I can really only do single crochet and had to figure out my own way to make flowers! If you are interested in crocheting, there are many tutorials on You Tube, or you can go to for resources and patterns.
This is a hat that I made for Princess. It's a bit shorter because it's more about style than warmth!

A very reluctant model!

This is my hat. I loved this yarn when I saw it into Walmart. It may be hard to tell in the picture, but it is pink camouflage, SO me!

This is my headband with a flower. I made it so that you can button the flowers on or leave them off.
 I was trying to think of more ways to use my fave yarn and make something practical. I thought of headbands! Now, I was pretty happy to make these for a couple of reasons.
The first is that I have been wearing my hair the same way for quite a while. I'm in a rut. This is a way to change it up. Plus these headbands don't give me a headache like other's can. 

The same headband without the flower.
The other reason I like the crocheted headbands is for my daughter. About a month and a half ago she decided that she wanted me to cut bangs in her hair. After asking many times if she was absolutely sure and going over what it would involve for bangs to look the way she wanted (she has curly hair and it would require blow-drying for her bangs to be straight), I cut them. 15 minutes later she bawled for half an hour and has only worn her bangs down maybe 2 or 3 times. 
So she has been wearing those plastic or cloth covered headbands. The only problem is that she is ALWAYS yanking them down her forehead and then dragging them back up. Then her forehead, and sometimes nose, are bright red from being scraped and she is breaking out. 
Enter the crocheted headbands! They stay in place better than the others, they button so that they can be removed with out having to touch her forehead and even if she does yank them down, it's not the same as the others scraping her up.
The headbands only take about 30-45 minutes to make depending on how wide you want them and how many flowers you make, so you can make quite a few in a short amount of time. Very nice, especially for those instant gratification crafters such as myself! My next goal is to learn how to crochet hearts to put on the headbands and other things. 

Have a lovely day!
Many Blessings,

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