Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Getting Ready for T-Day

Homemade cranberry sauce- yummy and (somewhat!) healthy!

Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving! It's been a busy day in the kitchen, and the house smells absolutely amazing. I have 2 loaves of bread, 36 rolls, 6 individual pie crusts baked, a bowl of Watergate salad chilling in the fridge and a batch of cranberry sauce finishing up in the crock pot. I still have a cheese log to make, but that will have to wait until after our dinner of left overs.

Here's a little poem I made up for fun. I'm by no means Longfellow or Frost, but I hope you enjoy it!

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the land
Ladies were busy with pie crust in hand.
The children were busy with their crayons and their paper,
The tables were set with fine china and tapers.
The men were all dreaming of drumsticks and touchdowns,
While women were baking and thinking of pounds.
The stores were jam packed with last minute shoppers,
And in many kitchens went mixers and choppers.
Travelers made their way home, by land and by air,
While turkeys were thawed and brined with great care.
Rolls and breads were baked with flour and yeast,
All to be eaten with the great turkey feast.
Recipes were checked and compared on the phone,
Batters were beaten and cream whipped to foam.
It was busy indeed, that Wednesday before,
And when you thought all was done, look, there was more!
Here's wishing you well, many blessings, take care!
For, before you know it, Black Friday soon will be here!

Have a wonderful day!

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