Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorating for Christmas: Just the Beginning!

It seems as if nature is decorating for Advent, with shades of pink and purple.

Our Advent wreath, with two friends to help celebrate. Of course, shortly after taking this picture I remembered that I had a large clear glass candle plate to put under the wreath to catch drips!

The Nativity window clings on the dining room window just above the Advent wreath.

The shelf on our Family Faith wall. I've had this angel for years and she's actually out all year long. I'll be putting a tea light in to burn in the evenings to make her glow.

I changed out the artwork and framed Scripture. I like to have verses from the Old Testament prophecies and then verses from the New Testament fulfilling by Jesus.

I'm extremely cheap frugal when it comes artwork for our home. This is actually from a calendar that I bought for $1 at my local Hallmark store. The Scripture quote is covering the part where "2010" is printed. (probably to deter people like me from using it for artwork! Showed them!)

My afternoon project while the chickens were out. Wheels cut the little trees and branches for me, and then I "arranged" them in my planters. Of course, I still need to take down the corn stalks and fall wreaths, but this is just the start!

Have a wonderful evening, all! I'll be back tomorrow for "DoN't WiNg It wEdNeSdAy" post, where I'll be talking, er, typing about Christmas treats, Advent traditions and share a recipe or two. Hope to see you back here!

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