Monday, August 8, 2011

Antique Tractors, Quilts and The Week Ahead

Morning to all! It's Monday, so that means joining the Barn Hop over at Homestead Revival! It's going to be quick today because I'm taking our Princess over to camp in New York. I thought I would share some pictures of our field trip yesterday to Billings Farm.

The quilt show is currently running, and they are beautiful! Making me wish that I could quilt (or even had time to get my sewing machine out!)! Quilting is one of those skills from the past that has turned into a current art form. This is one of the more traditional quilts, but there were many that used mediums other than your usual thread and calico!

The reason we came!:Teddy Bear is a tractor fanatic! Everyone else in the family enjoys tractors,too, but Teddy Bear can tell you sooo much about them. He has practically memorized his John Deere videos.

I loved how these sheep were all lined up along the fence together. They were t-ewe cute!

Teddy Bear watching the tractor parade.

Our family.

Princess and her Darling Daddy. Working the mud boots and skirt ensemble!

Don't let Wheels' scowl fool you, he had fun!

That was our Sunday, after church of course! We headed over to N.H. to pick up my new glasses and get a few groceries. Mondays are my usual shopping day, but with our trip over to the Kid's Camp, I won't have time today. I'm hoping to get the house picked up (it currently looks like a bomb went off in here!) before heading out, and I have to finish getting Princess packed up. (I know we should have been done before, I tend to procrastinate move at my own pace.)

This weeks goals are:
  • finish school supply shopping
  • take the boys shopping for a few new school clothes and essentials
  • get veggies put up in same way, shape or form!
  • start planning my daily routines for the school year
  • get school supplies sorted and packed into backpacks
  • finish items from last week that didn't get done
  • finish reading the gardening book I started and hopefully do a book review
Hope you all have a good Monday, and see you soon!

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