Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Up?

Yes, we have 6 more chickens!
Hello all! I know I've been absent lately, and I thought I would share why. Before I do, though, I want to make sure that no one mistakes my intention, which is not to whine or complain, but merely to explain what's been going on here on our hill.

First, there is baseball. All 3 of our kiddos are playing every Tues. and Thurs. evening. This means a very hurried dinner and sometimes a parent taking the boys to one place, the other taking Princess to another. The kiddos don't get to bed until about 9 (an hour and a half past their usual bedtime), so Mama and Daddy don't get to bed until about 10 or even later. Then I can't get my butt up in the morning to get my shower, and I start the day behind already! It only takes one or two mornings of this to get me really behind in house work before I start to feel VERY overwhelmed. Blogging just isn't on the to-do list!

The other is an issue I haven't wanted to share because, well, I just felt it wasn't important. However, to fully understand our family, you have to know. (Are you in suspense, wondering what bomb I'll drop?!) It's not that big of a deal, but it does affect our family life. I have a herniated disc that pinches the nerves in my left leg. I can't lift too much, be on my feet for very long or sit for too long. I often have to take breaks from daily chores, and some days I can't do much at all. Unfortunately, the usual epidural injections that I received in the past are not effective now. Fortunately, I have been blessed with an incredibly understanding and caring husband that is willing to pick up the slack when needed. And I have 3 wonderful children that are very caring, understanding and helpful, as well. They even make our bed for me on mornings that I just hurt too much to do it!  I've had a few days where it's been a struggle to get work done, and again, blogging has had to take a backseat.

Now, on to more pleasant topics! We have 6 more chicks! It amazes me how my darling husband has gone from an adamant no chicken policy, to the owner of 16 chickens! The 6 new additions were an unplanned addition, but certainly not unwelcome. Friends of ours that own a large flock of chickens had given some eggs to a local preschool to hatch. After about a week after hatching, the new chicks needed a home, and our friends asked us if we were interested in taking them in. Without batting an eye, my hubby answered "Sure!". These little ones are staying in the cellar for now, until they have a chance to grow some more. (After moving Stella and Katherine out, I will never have chicks in the living room again!) Unfortunately, we don't know the sex of the birds and one of the little ones is not well. She (I'm assuming) was born deformed. We were going to keep her, however, after observing her, we think it's best to put her down. Her one good leg is unable to support her body weight now, and she has a hard time getting around. We hate to see her suffer, so it's the most humane option.

The garden is doing well. We could use some rain, but we keep it watered with the hose. The pumpkins and zucchinis have sprouted and I hope to see some green bean and pea plants up soon. I just planted cucumbers last night, as I had forgotten all about them Memorial Day weekend! We're hoping to get the raised bed for our herbs done soon. My mouth waters at the thought of grilled zucchini with fresh thyme and oregano, or homemade pesto! I've put the extra catnip plants to use in decorative planters, as they have beautiful light purple blossoms.

I plan on sharing some more homemade household cleaners soon, as well as some more of our summer plans. This week is full of field trips and other end of school events, so it may not be this week, but soon!  I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!


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