Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waxing Reusable!

 Okay, I know I'm showing my true colors as the goober that I am with the title for this post, but it's just one of those days!

This one will be quick, unlike yesterday's (I'll try, really I'll try!).

I love to burn scented candles, starting in September with Cinnamon Apple then moving to Pumpkin Pie for October and November. While unpacking the Thanksgiving decorations, I came upon 2 jar candles that I had not burned properly. At the right is the picture of the candle burned down to the bottom with lots of wax on the sides. (It's hard to see in this picture, but trust me!) I despaired at the loss of this yummy smelling spicy pumpkiny goodness going to waste. I could put it on the candle warmer, but that's a lot of wax and after a few times on the warmer it would lose it's ooopmh. What to do!?!

Then I thought "Why not make my own wax tarts?" So onto the candle warmer went the first jar while I went upon my business. About an hour later, I checked on the candle and saw that it was all liquefied. I got out an old rusty 6 cup muffin tin and  using an pot holder, carefully poured in roughly equal amounts of wax into the cups. I set the muffin pan on a wire rack to cool and then put the second candle on the warmer. To speed up the cooling and hardening process, I put the first tray in the freezer once the wax had begun to set.

About an hour later, I popped out my tarts and repeated the process. I ended up with twelve tarts and 2 empty candle jars that I can reuse as candle holders.

This is a great way to use up wax from improperly burned candles, but it's also great if you don't like to burn candles, but like the scent. The tarts can also make a great gift for someone that enjoys candle scents but can't burn them because they have little ones they are concerned about.

A basic electric candle warmer is inexpensive and fairly easy to find at stores like Walmart or Kmart. One of the expensive candle companies make decorative warmers that are cute. 

Another bonus of using tarts is that you can blend scents. Add vanilla to a cinnamon apple scent and you've got apple pie pie a'la mode!

I suppose I've bent your ear (or eyes!) for long enough! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to count your blessings!

Bountiful blessings,

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